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Johnny Sandoval, a native of Miami, Arizona, was introduced to music by his family who migrated to the USA from Almeria, Spain. Having a cousin who danced Flamenco with Charro and the Jose Greco family, and uncles who maintaind a Swing/Mambo/Rumba/ band, Sandoval began his career at a young age.

He started playing bongos and continued to hone his skills as a multi-talented musician, songwriter, and recording artist. His new album entitled @conga has a unique blend of Salsa, Flamenco, Funk, Rock, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, Classical and Jazz and was released in January 2013!

Sandoval cherishes everyone he plays with and his opportunities to travel the world sharing talents with many wonderful artist and audiences. Some key credentials include recordings and performances with Greg Adams, Tom Scott, Arturo Sandoval, Brandon Fields, Ron King, Michael Paulo, Chuchito Valdez, Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner, David Foster, Phil Perry, Wally Minko, Smokey Robinson, Tom Breckline, Bernie Dresel, Joey Heredia, Lenny Castro, Herman Mathews, Justo Amarillo and thankfully many more!

Being a part of a live performance is usually an unforgettable experience. Whether playing, listening, dancing, or watching. Just by letting the art into your eyes and ears as it transfers to your heart and soul in such a way is a magical concept! Wanting to accept the challenge to acquire, maintain, and expand artistic talent leads to communicate soulful energy influencing celebration and enjoyment is my reason for being a professional musician. I acknowledged the challenge of becoming a musician at 3 years old experiencing being on stage with my uncle’s. As they entertained I noticed the effect their music had on all of my family members and fiends. They were all dancing and smiling!

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